Staff Update: Art Team Promotions

June 14, 2016

Karl Coyner officially steps up as VFX Supervisor of Shade’s New York office, continuing his efforts as the senior creative for New York.

Karl was instrumental in getting our New York facility up and running in 2014, and has been an invaluable team member ever since. With a string of on-set supervision credits, such as Daredevil Seasons 1 and 2, Jessica Jones, and an Emmy nomination, we’re excited for him to continue to lead the technical and creative efforts of our east coast operation.

Speaking to FX Guide, Shade’s CEO Bryan Godwin detailed some of Karl’s incredible and tireless work, which includes spending the better part of his nights over the last two years standing on rooftops in New York for Daredevil. “Karl Coyner was on set throughout the entirety of the series. Particularly with [Season 1’s Red Ninja fight sequence in Episode 9] we knew we would need a very detailed survey of the set to accurately create lighting, reflections and interactions with the cg elements. Karl took physical measurements, HRDI photography and created detailed lighting diagrams to send back to the VFX team. Knowing how critical the photorealism of this scene would be we even brought in a Lidar scanner to get detailed 3D scan data of the set. Images were then projected on to this rough CG model which created very accurate reflections in our CG weapons. This process was used for most of the larger VFX intensive shots throughout the show.”

This ethos and application reiterates our founding belief that when we’ve done the job right, you often can’t tell we’ve done any work at all. “The visual effects play a huge part in making Jessica Jones and Daredevil distinct from the Marvel film franchises. [Shade VFX] worked with the stunt teams to make sure the effects remained grounded and believable,” wrote TechInsider.

In a recent interview with Area, Karl discussed the ways in which his strong partnership with the show’s production team helped him implement the effects that secured Shade an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Supporting Role. “The stunt guys choreographed the whole [Red Ninja fight sequence] using a map of Daredevil’s body that showed where he gets sliced [by Nobu’s shoge hook]. When it came time to shoot, even using the chain with a rubber piece at the end to be replaced later was too dangerous because everyone was so close. It was a classic case of them saying, ‘Holy s–t, this is way too dangerous, can you help us out?’ In the end, they made the fight look awesome and we made it look real.”

Karl has an incredible team around him, and in addition to his step up as VFX Supervisor, Molly Pabian has been promoted to Producer, Gabriel Vargas steps up to Digital Effects Supervisor, and Chip Baden becomes Compositing Lead. We look forward to watching Karl, Molly, Gabriel, and Chip continue to shine!