Jessica Jones Comes Out The Gate Swinging Hard And Fast

November 20, 2015

Jessica Jones is out for retribution. She’s set up shop as a private investigator on the rough streets of New York’s Hell’s Kitchen and is wasting no time making good use of her detective skills and hand-to-hand combat expertise, in equal measures. The full season is streaming now on Netflix, see if you can spot some of the 605 shots Shade VFX worked on as you binge-watch it this weekend.

Marvel’s latest Netflix series is a horror-noir entrant to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with its titular character depicted as much more of a survivor than a hero. She’s a hard drinking, sexually confident bad ass who’s not adverse to tough-talking or a sarcastic one liner.

Jessica Jones retains the adult vantage established in Daredevil, with Deadline noting, “under [series creator Melissa] Rosenberg’s steady showrunning hand there are also powerful topics of PTSD, abuse, assault, shame, and death dealt with in a mature and intriguing manner – this is a new height for Marvel, which already leaped pretty high with Daredevil.”

Picking up where we left off in creating Emmy-nominated invisible effects for its predecessor, Shade’s New York studio, including on-set FX Supervisor Karl Coyner and Producer Julie Long, worked closely on set with the cast and crew to execute stunts, set extensions, explosions, wetwork and fire sequences to propel the drama forward, and instill some of the darker elements found in its comic book origins. Forbes decreed, “In no uncertain terms, Jessica Jones is the best thing Marvel Television has ever produced.” Adding, “Jessica Jones is a fully formed series – even more so than Daredevil. It needs no time to “find itself.” It comes out of the gate swinging hard and swinging fast.”

It’s notable also, as Jessica Jones is the first female Marvel superhero to headline her own series within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She’s paranoid and traumatized, attempting to feel whole again by dedicating herself to helping other people, taking great pride in making a difference, however small, within Hell’s Kitchen.

ScreenCrush raved, “Jessica Jones is a brilliant blend of horror-noir.” Continuing, “Marvel succeeds with a focus on genre, not heroes. Jessica Jones isn’t a superhero series; it’s super-horror. Marvel’s first taste of true terror, flavored with a dash of noir.” The Hollywood Reporter notes in its review, “Jessica Jones has some decent action, and when it needs to feature superpowers, it does so in effective minimalist fashion, treating Jessica’s strength and near-flight matter-of-factly rather than with awe.”

We’re incredibly proud to continue working alongside Marvel and Netflix, creating seamless visual effects to another exceptional television series. We’re excited to be working on the upcoming Daredevil Season 2 currently, and look forward to showcasing more work and VFX breakdowns as our relationship continues. For now though, we recommend you go binge watch the newest edition in the Defenders series, Jessica Jones!

The full, 13-episode first season of Jessica Jones are out now on Netflix.