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Black Sails


Shade came into the Black Sails project with a specific task and a notable challenge. We needed to extend the set to achieve the grandiose effect of a fort raid scene and subsequent escape. The problem was that we had a very limited amount of actual live-action footage with which to build a huge fort. Digital recreation was the start, utilizing matte painting, we extended the sets, sculpted, painted, modeled, lit and composited the entire encampment to make it appear as if everything was captured in camera.

Lift The Sails

For a show that’s VFX were outstanding enough to be recognized at the Emmys, the logistics of creating such effects pose quite the challenge to us here at Shade. For instance, as Wall Street Journal notes, “shooting outside also limits the use of green screens on set,” adding a level of scrutiny to each shot, where sets need to be extended and any traces of modern America removed.

Challenges On The High Seas

Based on the high seas, Black Sails is a natural application for the software we developed on Max Steel and perfected for all liquid effects. Imagine creating the stormy waters of the high seas where the director can manipulate each action of ship, sail and water for the intended effect.

Whether you have a taste for the pirate life or just want to see some great invisible effects in action, check your local listings for Starz and tune into Black Sails.