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The Wolverine

Twentieth Century Fox

In The Wolverine, Marvel’s infamous clawed mutant is lured to Japan, betrayed, and confronted for the first time with the prospect of death.

Before we set to work on the protagonist’s trademark appendage, there was a unique problem we needed to solve in the film’s climactic sequence. Essentially, how could the film depict Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), a broken mutant who’s fresh out of healing powers, ripping a robotic parasite out of his chest with his bare hands and be able to keep it PG-13?

Research and Development

We dedicated a great deal of research to designing a high-tech near-future MRI that would allow the film to show an x-ray version of the anatomical action as Wolverine cuts open his chest to remove the metallic parasite that’s suppressing his healing ability. The machinery we designed was able to safely propel the story forward while also allowing the audience to see Wolverine being pushed to his physical and emotional brink.

The job grew from there and found Shade providing additional visual effects to support the characters and their performance, before taking on the film’s piece de resistance: the claws.

The film’s titular character required claws that looked better than ever, that were fresh, but most importantly, that were loyal to the blockbuster franchise. The sharpness, cleanliness, and speed in which the claws launched and retracted were all heavily scrutinized throughout the process in order to get the crucial mutant extension just right.

Watch the film and see the claws in action – or some of the 100+ invisible effects completed by Shade VFX throughout the film, if you can.