What We Do

Step into the shade.

With offices in both LA and NY, Shade is uniquely equipped to masterfully tackle VFX on your film and earn you money back while doing it.

How do we do this? Two words:


While we agree, neither of these words sound particularly sexy, they allow us to be nimble and scale up or down with each project. First, our fiber network creates a seamless operation between Los Angeles and New York, where we can work as a fully integrated team on either side of the continent.

And taxes, well we like to think of them as less of a curse and more of a blessing. Our specialized, flexible structure allows us to optimize New York’s Tax Incentives that can give you up to 30% back by working with us. We handle the details and the paperwork; you get to focus on making your production as creatively and fiscally sound as possible.

Read more on the Film Tax Credit Program here.

  • Photo Real VFX
  • 4K VFX
  • Beauty Work
  • Stereoscopic
  • Pre-Viz
  • Concept Art
  • Design
  • Virtual Reality

VFX is a tricky affair and we’ve made it our business to know its delicate ways. Whether its stereoscopic, 4K, photorealism, creatures, volumetrics and liquid, set extensions or matte paintings, we handle it all. And if we don’t have the power in-house or the software doesn’t exist yet to best face that challenge you’ve presented us with, we will build it.

We have had our hands on thousands of shots and hundreds of shows (often at once) for incredible client partners like Dreamworks, Warner Bros., Sony, Fox, Disney, Universal, HBO, Starz, Netflix. We’ve got the workflow, pipeline, efficiency, and coast-to-coast capabilities to bring to bat on every project we touch, and the results speak for themselves.

The Benefits of Fiber

At Shade VFX our New York and Los Angeles offices stay securely connected so we can operate as one seamless company. Our fiber network supports flexibility and fuels creative excellence by allowing our teams to work, share and access files safely and in real-time, in tandem across both coasts.

  • • Direct coast to coast fiber connection
  • • Integrated data coast to coast
  • • Artists work as one team regardless of location
  • • Zero time for asset transfer
  • • Cutting edge VCA and PCOIP technology
  • • Shared, secure, on site data center in Santa Monica
  • • Load balance resources and shift virtual workstations wherever they're needed most

Fast. Efficient. Secure.

  • • Data is centralized in santa monica for maximum security
  • • Tier one security approved by Disney / Pixar / Marvel
  • • Vetted by top studios, Fox, Sony and Disney
  • • Data is handled securely with 24 hour surveillance
We’ve perfected coast-to-coast collaboration so we can maximize time spent on each task and improve the overall workflow and efficiency every step of the way. Our unique setup means Shade’s visual effects maestros can deliver in-person client services while simultaneously offering expertise to your creative project from the other side of the country when you need it most.